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Cognac De Luze releases New Extra expression

Cognac De Luze is launching De Luze Extra at the TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes this week.

The artistic direction for the presentation of this new cognac with its elegant and its complex aromas was to combine a triangle, a circle and a square – the three elements that come together from the Sangen, meaning the three origins, one of the Buddhist signs symbolising the ‘Zen’.

1.    The triangle expresses the faith of the family; its wisdom from 24 generations to make better cognac and finally the actions by the co-workers.

2.    The circle is the image of the Eternity, the original source from which everything comes: the Grande Champagne

3.    The square is the expression of our ‘four holy foods’ that are vine, clay and limestone soil from Grande Champagne, the distillation craftsmanship, the art and quality of making casks and long maturation process eaux-de-vie.

This new De Luze Exra will be launched for the first time during TFWA Cannes exhibition on Maison Boinaud / Cognac De Luze stand, K28, Red Village.

Suggested retail price: €360.

Cognac De Luze was founded in 1822 by Alfred De Luze and was acquired by the Boinaud family in 2006.

Available in 30 countries, it continues its international expansion, both on domestic and duty free markets, thanks to an attractive positioning and a Fine Champagne quality range available in all bottle sizes. 

Biggest bottle - 24 litre bottle launch

To express the transmission from generation to generation and the treasure of what is a high-end Cognac was the ambition of Boinaud’s family with this 24 litre bottle, a special blend, equivalent to a Napoleon. 

Whereas than Xavier and Eric Boinaud (respectively 63 and 60 years old) took over in profit to their sons - Rémi and Charles - the 24th generation, it was the opportunity to create the this huge Cognac bottle.

The result is a symbol of dedication and boldness. The bottle weighs 79 pounds and there will be a total production of 1,500 bottles. The process for creating this bottle required a year of work. 

“This incredible bottle will interest duty-free and liquors domestics for their merchandising and marketing activations. It expresses the whole potential of Cognac, a high-end spirits more and more exported from USA to Europe, from Asia to Africa. It is both a reason for us to speak about quantity but also on quality as Cognac De Luze is a premium brand thanks to Boinaud’s family dedication,” says Damien Bertrand, commercial and marketing director.

Suggestive retail price: €2,000.

1 October 2017 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor in chief