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Gruut City launches hop-free beers in the UK

The Gruut City Brewery, based in Ghent, Belgium, is launching its four hop-free beers in the UK.

Gruut revives the medieval method of using herbs to deliver bitterness to beer usually provided by hops, and is working exclusively with James Clay, independent importer and distributor to supply its export to the UK’s on trade for the first time.

Master brewer, Annick De Splenter, established Gruut in 2009 after her initiation into fermentation at an early age, and has spent years perfecting the brewing of beers without hops. After a course in biochemistry and various  links with a range of universities, Ghent Gruut Wit, Ghent Gruut Blonde, Ghent Gruut Amber and Ghent Gruut Bruin are now available in the UK.

Annick comments: “In our region, brewing with gruuts, or herbs or spices, dates back to the Middle Ages, when the river Leie divided Ghent into two parts. On the right bank the brewers used typical beer ingredients like hops, while those on the left bank, which was ruled by the French, added a mixture of herbs to their beers. Landlords collected a tax from brewers based on the amount of herbs used to make their beer. Today, The Gruut City Brewery combines present day brewing techniques with centuries old tradition. I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved and very excited to be launching our beers to the UK for the first time with James Clay.”

Ian Clay, founder of James Clay, adds: “Tradition is a quality we at James Clay hold in high regard, and of course, we always love working with products that provide a twist on that tradition, so we’re very pleased to be working with Gruut to offer it’s hop-free beers in the UK. These flavour-first beers really are something quite exceptional, and I’m sure they’ll find a large fan base on our shores.”

Hop-free beers Ghent Gruut Wit, Ghent Gruut Blonde, Ghent Gruut Amber and Ghent Gruut Bruin are available from James Clay, alongside Ghent Gruut Inferno, in 24x330ml cases.


Wit – £35.30

Blond – £40.60

Amber – £44.70

Inferno – £57.80

Bruin – £48.90

9 October 2017 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, news editor