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Crafter's reveals colour-changing gin

Estonia's Liviko has released Crafter's Aromatic Flower Gin.

Created from 12 botanicals, the ingredients have been inspired by Nordic nature, and also the Mediterranean. Its main botanicals include rosehip, rose petals, meadowsweet, chamomile and elderflower.

The unique twist in Liviko's Crafter's Aromatic Flower Gin is that when mixed with tonic water, the ordinarily copper-coloured gin turns pink. The reaction is due to the natural colourant found in the cells of rosehip blooms, which interacts with the acidic quality of tonic water.

Crafter's Aromatic Gin is packed in a copper coloured 70cl bottle with the imprint of flowers. Estonian design agency KOOR created the bottle, following working on Liviko's previous blue bottle for Crafter's London Dry Gin.

The new gin was first produced in September 2017 in small batch of 2000 bottles. It was first introduced at the Cannes duty-free 2017.

2 November 2017 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, news editor