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Poetic License releases range of liqueurs

Poetic License Distillery is releasing a range of four flavoured liqueurs; Blackcurrant and Ginger, St Clements, Sarsaparilla, and Baked Apple and Salted Caramel.

Each liqueur uses Poetic License Northern Dry Gin or Old Tom Gin as the base and the flavourings and colourings are all natural. They are available in 50cl bottles and 21% ABV with an RRP of £19.95.

Owner Mark Hird comments: “We wanted to create flavours we think people will love that will transport them to eating and drinking their favourite treats. Our blackcurrant based liqueur I would almost liken to a boozy Ribena, our baked apple iteration is reminiscent of apple strudels with an added dollop of the syrupy sweetness and Sarsaparilla is a throw-back to the much-loved soda pop.

“They’re perfect for entertaining, especially for over the festive period. They drink very well with tonic, or simply over ice and make a delightful aperitif! Champagne or Prosecco also works well; the St Clements, with its the classic citrus flavours of orange and lemon, offers a delightful take on a bucks fizz – the perfect first drink on Christmas day! We’ve also devised a delectable signature cocktail for each; they’re incredibly versatile.”

Distiller, Luke Smith, says: “As liqueurs, per the definition they are a quite a bit lower in alcohol than the usual gin strength of 37.5% and above and they are also sweeter. These things make for very easy drinking, particularly for those with a sweet tooth!”

Mark continues: “We don’t stand still for long. We have big plans for Poetic License with more exciting products launching as well as some tasty releases scheduled in our Rarities range. 2018 is going to be big year!”

7 November 2017 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, news editor