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Croxsons takes over glass furnace

Glass producer Croxsons has taken over a glass furnace at one of the leading glass manufacturers in China, in order to produce antique-green wine bottles.

Aimed specifically at the Australia, New Zealand and the US wine markets, whilst complementing its existing European offering, the move will see Croxsons being able to provide its customers with a collection of new bottles that meet its brands’ needs.

Croxsons argue that whilst industry trends have seen the reduction in weight of wine bottles, a strategy which has significant environmental benefits, every bottle and brand has a right weight.

It appears that there are concerns amongst some of Croxsons’ customers that the industry has moved some bottles away from being super-premium, or even premium, to a lighter, standard weight bottle.

Croxsons’ chairman, James Croxson, says: “We went out and asked the industry what needs improving with their supply chain. We listened to the responses, invested in a furnace and produced 12 new moulds specifically for Australia, New Zealand and the US, to complement our existing global offering.

“With strong supply chain relationships spanning over 80 years, we take the packaging headaches away from our customers and transform their bottle to represent their brand, by improving on some market stalwarts and making them more suitable for the 21 Century.”

15 January 2018 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, news editor