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Zamora Company acquires majority in Martin Miller's Gin

Zamora Company has acquired a majority stake in Martin Miller's Gin.

Emilio Restoy, CEO of Zamora Company says: "Our brands are the soul of our company and Martin Miller´s Gin perfectly reflects our vision as creators of Premium brands, as innovators with a vocation to lead the market. This agreement is clear proof of the vision of Zamora Company to be recognised as one of the most dynamic players in the beverages market – a producer and distributor of premium brands worldwide."

As part of the agreement co-founders David Bromige and Andreas Versteegh, and CEO Jacob Ehrenkrona, have retained the bulk of their interest in the brand through Living Capital’s 45 per cent shareholding, making them the only other shareholder. 

Jacob Ehrenkrona and David Bromige will remain in their current positions as CEO and creative director. Emilio Restoy has replaced Andreas Versteegh as chairman of the board but Andreas Versteegh will continue as a board member with focus on NPD of Martin Miller’s Gin.

Commenting on the new partnership, CEO Jacob Ehrenkrona says: "As well as being the fastest-growing Super Premium gin in the Spanish market, Martin Miller’s Gin has also seen strong growth in other key gin markets such as the Central Europe and the UK. Sales have been particularly strong in the UK where they grew 50 per cent in 2017, adding to a total global volume of 100,000 cases 8.4L. Specifically in the key US market, key for the development of the brand, we will continue with the current importer.
However, in this partnership with Zamora Company, we will be able to considerably increase investment in brand building in the middle term. What is more, together we can break into new international markets by capitalizing on the sales capacity of Zamora Company without compromising the product’s identity or its genuine spirit.’

New Martin Miller´s Gin chairman Emilio Restoy agrees: "Martin Miller’s Gin has all the ingredients to build on its role as a leading Super Premium gin Worldwide."

Andreas Versteegh says: "Martin Miller’s Gin is recognised as one of the best gins in the world and no other gin has received so many accolades and awards in recent years."

Co-founder David Bromige observes: "Today gin has become ’hot’ and as a result the category has become confused. From the start, back in 1998, we wanted to create a gin that was a ‘brand’ in the true sense of the word, and through innovation create the highest quality gin possible but with genuine and effective product differences like Icelandic water. It’s these qualities that have given the brand its high level of integrity and, importantly, trust.’

Andreas Versteegh says: "Integrating the company and our team into Zamora Company is going to be very simple. Both companies share many values and perhaps this has been a key factor towards reaching an agreement. They simply ‘get it’. They share our vision. With this partnership the brand will get the necessary support to grow further."

José María de Santiago, Zamora Company chairman observes: "Being part of the board for almost six years has given us great insight and understanding of the brand and its value.  We share an exciting vision for the brand´s future and are really looking forward to working with the UK team helping to develop the brand worldwide."

29 January 2018 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, news editor


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