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Mangrove launches JAH45 rum brand

Spirits specialist Mangrove Global has launched a new rum brand, JAH45, which is said to be inspired by the Jamaican music scene.

JAH45 is slang for Jamaica (JAH) and the '45' references the 45RPM record speed. The sound system influence comes from liquor stores using them to boost rum sales in their stores during the 1950s.

The brand will initially launch with five variants at an ABV of 40%: JAH45 18ct Gold; JAH45 Silver; JAH45 Dark; JAH45 Spiced and JAH Overproof at 63% ABV. 

The rums are of pure Jamaican provenance, blends of aged pot and column still rum from famous Jamaican distilleries. The rums are authentically Jamaican, with a “Jamaican Funk” style, evoking the Fifties. JAH45 Dark and JAH45 18ct Gold (RRP: £19.99, 70cl) are a blend of 3 years old pot still rum with unaged column still rums. JAH45 Spiced (RRP £21.99, 70cl) is again an aged 3 years old rum that has been macerated for 48 hours with vanilla, cinnamon, citrus and a dash of Pimento. JAH45 Silver (RRP: £19.99, 70cl) is an unaged pot and column still medium bodied white rum. And JAH45 White Overproof (RRP: £26.99) is a blend of unaged pot and column still medium bodied white rum, cut at 63% bottling strength.

The rums will be available to bar and restaurant groups, specialist independent drink stores, and multiple retailers.  Listings are already in place with Las Iguanas, a 54-strong restaurant group.  Simple, classic serves from the era are recommended: JAH45 Dark with Jamaican Ginger Beer; JAH45 Spiced with Ting; JAH45 Gold with Juices and Tiki styles like Mai Tai; JAH45 Silver with Cola; and JAH Overproof with the ‘Red Eye’ with cranberry.  Target consumers are 20+, sociable music lovers.  The packaging has been designed to create back bar and on-shelf stand out and features a unique two ripped label style, which evokes the music vibe of the brand and is reminiscent of the dance hall posters.

Former J Wray & Nephew executive, Carl Stephenson, who is CEO of Hellshire Club, a newly formed brand creation company and instigator of the JAH45 brand, says: "JAH45 is a really exciting pure Jamaican rum brand, which reflects the spirit of sound system Jamaica in the fifties. Music brought the vibes, rum brought the soul!"

Nick Gillett, managing director of Mangrove Global comments: "I am delighted to welcome the JAH45 range into the Mangrove portfolio. With the unique ‘funk’ flavour, JAH45 are rums that go back to their Jamaican roots and offer an exciting addition to standard rum selections. With the global distribution rights, we look forward to working with JAH45 to launch and continue to grow into the UK and other markets."

4 June 2018 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, news editor