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Benjamin & Blum bottles gin cocktail range

Continuing its mission to bring classic drinks to modern audiences,
Benjamin & Blum has launched a bottled cocktail range, with three gin cocktails
in the first line-up. The new range of classics—the Aviation, Negroni and Orange
Bloom—is now available at Harvey Nichols stores nationwide.

Inspired by the legacy of his great-grandfathers Marcus Benjamin, a purveyor of
fine food and drink in Berlin, and Friedrich Blum, who supplied teas and other
luxury goods to high society in Vienna, Paul Benjamin launched Benjamin & Blum in 2014 with a range of cold-brewed teas.

Using recipes that date back a century, Benjamin & Blum expertly crafts each
cocktail using the finest ingredients from producers around Europe. The
meticulously prepared formulas are also a proud nod to Benjamin & Blum’s tea
heritage, with each cocktail containing a subtle tea infusion inspired by the
brand’s collection of cold-brewed teas.

Dating back to 1916, the Aviation was created in celebration of the early days of
flight. A smooth and aromatic blend of gin, maraschino, liqueur de violette with a hint of white tea, Benjamin & Blum’s elegant violet cocktail evokes the glamour of flying.

The popular revival of the Negroni, an Italian aperitivo, inspired the cocktail
connoisseurs at Benjamin & Blum to infuse black tea into the blend of premium
Italian bitter, red vermouth and craft British gin, injecting a new lease of life into
the age-old classic.

A warming citrussy take on the classic Martini, the Orange Bloom is the perfect
digestif cocktail, with its blend of London gin, Italian red vermouth and French
triple sec, and Darjeeling tea acting as the pièce de résistance.
“This is an exciting time for Benjamin & Blum”, says Founder and Managing
Director Paul Benjamin. “The success of our cold-brewed teas demonstrated a
clear demand for sophisticated yet simple classics that can be enjoyed anywhere.
Inspired by my great-grandfathers, Benjamin & Blum’s cocktail range extends the offering to include expertly crafted classic cocktails for those seeking real
cocktails in the comfort of their own home”.

14 June 2018 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, news editor