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Malfy releases Gin Rosa pink grapefruit gin

Malfy Gin has today announced the release of its Malfy Gin Rosa [Rosa means “Pink” in Italian] expression, joining Malfy Gin con Limone, Malfy con Arancia and Malfy Gin Originale, as the brand continues to celebrate Italian heritage, produce and technique. Available in the UK from today, Malfy Gin Rosa is distilled using the peel of Sicilian pink grapefruits and Rhubarb along with Italian juniper and five other botanicals. The new expression offers a, pale pink-coloured liquid, a unique taste profile and an authentic Italian experience, anywhere in the world.  Malfy Gin is now the fastest growing super-premium gin in the USA - and distribution of the brand has expanded to 50 countries including the UK, South Africa, Canada, Japan, China and Australia and is on target to reach 100,000 cases in the next 12 months. 

Malfy Gin Rosa’s beautiful liquid is presented in a frosted bottle, unique to the gin industry, and will stand out on shelf both in-store and behind the bar. The bottle’s branding is eye-catching and confident and adorned with five rings, representing the all-important pink grapefruit peel ingredient.

Malfy Gin Rosa is a fresh and bright gin distilled using the peel of Sicilian pink grapefruits, Italian juniper berries, rhubarb, and four other botanicals. The sun-ripened Sicilian pink grapefruits are grown in citrus groves on the Mediterranean coast where the mountains greet the sea. Malfy Gin Rosa can be enjoyed on the rocks, with tonic or in a variety of cocktails. 

The peel of the freshest, most-flavoursome Sicilian pink grapefruit, and the finest Italian juniper are carefully selected and infused in Italian grain spirit for 36 hours. Five additional botanicals; lemon peel, grapefruit peel, angelica root, orris root and coriander are then expertly distilled in a stainless steel vacuum still for five hours. The result is a pale, pink gin bursting with fresh, citrus notes.  Master distillers, duo Beppe Ronco and Denis Muni are confident the finished result is uniquely fulfilling.

Elwyn Gladstone, founder and owner of Biggar & Leith, the owners of Malfy Gin said, “We’re excited to introduce Malfy Gin Rosa to the UK. Taking its name from the Italian word for pink, it’s a fresh and natural gin with an Italian juniper base. Our team at Torino Distillati, Beppe Ronco and Denis Muni bought in a huge quantity of Sicilian Pink Grapefruit - which we macerated in spirit and then distilled.  We blend this distillate with juniper and re-distill in our vacuum still to get a delicious, fresh tasting expression of this fruit.”

“We also add in a small amount of Rhubarb distillate.  Rabarbaro (Rhubarb) is an Italian speciality - and is used a great deal in famous Italian drinks such as Aperol - it rounds the flavor and gives some nice complexity with the other botanicals such as juniper and coriander (which is an excellent botanical for making the citrus flavor come forward - and thus we use lots of it!).”

Malfy Gin Rosa is available in the UK at and will be rolling out to the on and off trade in 70cl and 5cl formats.

21 June 2018 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, news editor


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