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Maverick Drinks gains listing of OHD

Oslo-based spirits distillery, OHD, has named Maverick Drinks as its exclusive UK distributor.

The company was established in 2015 in Oslo’s Bryn district, crafting a collection of distilled akevitts, gins and bitters using Scandinavian customs, distilling methods and local ingredients. 

OHD was set up by Marius Vestnes of Cask Norway and Marcin Miller of Number One Drinks, with head distiller Matt McMillan overseeing production.

The first product released was called Marka Nordic Bitter, crafted with 16 botanicals to offer a taste of the Nordic landscape. This was followed by VIDDA Tørr Gin, made according to a traditional ‘dry’ style but with local botanicals, Akevitt Blank, an unaged akevitt, and simply Akevitt, which has been aged for 12 months in American oak casks. 

All four products will join the Maverick Drinks portfolio and are available to UK partners immediately, with new release Fjæra Rosé Gin to follow in the coming months.

Martin Miller, OHD co-founder says: “I’ve always been impressed by how the Maverick team goes about its business; talented people working with excellent spirits is a great combination.”

“We are thrilled to be joining the portfolio at this exciting juncture in OHD’s development and Maverick’s growth; the timing could not be better.” 

Michael Vachon, head of Brand Development at Maverick Drinks, adds: “In the short time that OHD's spirits have been available in the UK market, they’ve already found their way into the hands of some of the country’s best bartenders. 

“We see a lot of promise for the akevitt (otherwise known as aquavit) category and think the OHD craft spirits are well-positioned to lead that category.”

OHD joins the Maverick Drinks’ growing portfolio of craft spirits brands from around the world including Widow Jane, the Kyrö Distillery Company, Balcones, Brenne, Bluecoat Gin, FEW Spirits, Filliers, the New York Distilling Company, Smooth Ambler, St George Spirits, Wolfburn, Ableforth’s, That Boutique-y Gin Company and That Boutique-y Whisky Company. 

As part of its #ForwardDrinking campaign, Maverick Drinks continues to challenge how brands work with bars up and down the country. The distributor has engaged bar communities throughout the UK with the first in a series of seminars, The Relationships Between Brands and Bars is Broken, to stir up conversation and drive change.

10 August 2018 - Phoebe Calver The Drinks Report, retail editor