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Spirit Cartel launches tequila Orendain

Spirit Cartel is launching two 100 per cent agave tequila's from Orendain, a large independent Mexican producer. 

The firm will distribute its Cantinero Reposado and the new expression Cantinero Blanco, which was created in collaboration with the Spirit Cartel team in London.

Orendain is poured in the ‘La Capilla’, the oldest bar in Tequila, where the Batanga cocktail was created using Orendain. As is common with tequila, Cantinero, Spanish for ‘bartender’, is named after a famous animal of myth or legend. In this case, Cantinero was a bull beloved by the firm’s founder Don Eduardo Orendain in the 1920s. An etched image of the beast appears on the bottles.

Orendain has not installed the mechanical diffusors used by more ‘industrial’ producers. Diffusors extract the last drops of liquid from agave, but in doing so, can strip away flavour and add bitter notes to the end product. Crucially, with the ongoing agave shortage, Orendain also owns significant acres of the crop. Apart from ensuring a steady supply, it means the firm can harvest the plant at its peak.  

David Hood, general manager at Spirit Cartel, says: “This deal is a real coup for us – and another sign of our commitment to bringing the very best tequilas to the UK on-trade. We want to show agave at its best – it’s time to move on from those ‘thin’, industrial, tequilas and give customers a taste of some of Mexico’s finest.”

Spirit Cartel has also taken on Orendain’s premium ranges of ‘Ollitas’ (Blanco and Reposado) and ‘Gran Orendain’ (Blanco, Reposado, Anejo, plus a 3 Years Old and 7 Years Old Extra Anejo). All these variants are triple distilled. 


21 September 2018 - Sam Coyne the drinks report, editor