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Poetic License rebrands Fireside Gin as Spiced

Poetic License Distillery has rebranded its Fireside Gin as Spiced. The rebrand includes and updated presentation as well as the rename. 

Grace Noon, marketing manager at Poetic License Distillery comments: “We have decided to evolve the name of this wonderfully different gin to better communicate the flavour profile. The new bottle decoration is a reflection of this too with a beautiful combination of burgundy and gold foil.

"This remains an exceptional gin for autumn and winter but we hope the new presentation expands appeal and encourages people to enjoy our ‘Spiced’ gin all year round. Drinkers are exploring different gins all the time so it makes sense to deseasonlise the gins in our range that were originally launched as ‘summer’ or ‘winter’ choices. For instance our ‘Picnic’ Gin is now ‘Strawberries and Cream’ and continues to sell very well all year round. “



30 October 2018 - Sam Coyne the drinks report, editor