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SMWS launches The Jazz Trio

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) has released The Jazz Trio — whiskies born from the same sherry puncheon, split across three different cask types.

The Jazz Trio is a project to showcase the influence of the wood and additional maturation on the flavour of Society whisky. 

The liquid has been matured for over 20 years and then rested in three separate casks for around 18 months.

The concept for the name derives from a comparison with the wood used to make instruments in a jazz trio. When used in different ways, the wood creates a hugely different sound – across drums, the double bass and the piano. 

However, they can all still come together and work in harmony as a trio. Each of the labels therefore features a different instrument from a jazz trio. 

Each finished whisky is 22 years old and will be sold with the SMWS black and copper carton. The three bottles will be retailed together as a set, for a UK price of £1,250.

Commenting on the split cask concept, spirits manager Euan Campbell says: “This was a really exciting experiment for the Society and we are truly delighted with the outcome. As we expected, the wood has made a real impact on the individual flavour of each whisky. The Jazz Trio are three of our finest and rarest releases to date, this is a set of whiskies like no other.” 

24.134 A dark allurement, 56.7% ABV

One of only 225 bottles, after 20 years maturation in an Oloroso puncheon, this whisky was transferred to a 1st fill Oloroso hogshead before being released under the Society’s Deep, rich & dried fruits flavour profile.

24.135 An opulent temptation, 56.9% ABV

The second of the trio is one of only 241 bottles and was transferred to a 1st fill Pedro Ximenéz hogshead after 20 years of maturation in an Oloroso sherry puncheon; the expression falls under The Society’s Old & dignified flavour profile.

24.136 A sweet seduction, 58.3% ABV

The final expression is one of only 218 bottles, the whisky was matured for 20 years in an Oloroso puncheon and then transferred to a 2nd fill Bourbon barrel and released under Sweet, fruity & mellow flavour profile.

3 November 2018 - Sam Coyne the drinks report, editor