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VII Hills reveals winner of label competition

Danilo Tersigni and Filippo Previero, the founders of Italian gin brand VII Hills have announced Barcelona-based graphic designer Paula Ariza as the winner of its Label Your Spirit competition.

The competition launched earlier this year to celebrate the centenary of the iconic cocktail the Negroni, and the design with feature on the next VII Hills limited-edition bottle label.

Three bartenders including Andrea Benvegna, Carola Abrate and Livio Moreno joined with three artists Lucamaleonte, Leonardo Crudi and Daniele Tozi, to create a series of labels and cocktails that would act as inspiration for the entrants.

Lucamaleonte’s artwork highlighted the seven botanicals of VII Hills; Daniele transformed the brand’s identity into funky typography and Leonardo’s represented the Negroni as a futuristic movement. Paula took elements from all three artworks to create the award-winning label. 

Paula’s artwork will be seen on 3,000 bottles sold worldwide in early 2020. Her aim with the winning label was to strike the balance of the  ingredients and flavours of the gin alongside the brand’s core values – authenticity and quality. 

The competition spanned three months. A panel of industry judges evaluated each label and felt that Paula’s dynamic and abstract design aligned best with the key components of the campaign. 

Danilo and Filippo comment: “Paula integrated the elements of VII Hills and captured the core essence of the brand through her artwork. She highlighted the power of mixology by linking different art components that represent drinking culture. She used warm colours in her design and the judges felt she communicated the past, present and future of the brand. We’re excited to see her label on 3,000 limited edition bottles next year!”

24 September 2019 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, editor