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Bache-Gabrielsen master blender celebrated

In celebration of its master blender Jean-Philippe Bergier joining the House 30 years ago this year, Bache-Gabrielsen cognac has released a new expression called Cercle. 

The producer has tried to evoke each of the partnerships with local winegrowers that Bergier has forged across the three decades in this Cognac. 

Jean-Philippe Bergier didn’t plan on becoming master blender at first. However, when he turned 25 years old, he took on that trade.

Bergier says: "30 years of exchanges with winegrowers and brokers have fueled my passion for cognac and my respect for these men and women who commit to it daily.

That’s how the idea of blending batches from each of the winegrowers, who are or have been partners of the House for the past thirty years came about. Cercle is a limited-edition of only 1,000 bottles.

This anniversary was celebrated on 10 September during “les Rencontres”, the  annual event uniting the House and its network of winegrowers and brokers. Jean-Philippe Bergier chose to collaborate only with winegrowers who produce and distil their own wine, to keep the terroir specificities in the Cognac blends of the House.

In honour of each of these partners the name of each is engraved on the bottle of Cercle.

Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen, general manager, says: "The role of our winemaking partners is key, they are an essential part of our company. Our aim is to promote this to our clients, by showing how important is the participation our winegrowers in the creation of the blends and the success of our brands."


8 October 2019 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, editor