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Distillery 031 launches barrel aged gin

South Africa's Distillery 031 has launched D'Urban Barrel Aged Gin. A London Dry style gin it has been made with botanicals including African rosehip and then aged using the solera method in French oak barrels.

The producer claims that the product is a first for a South African gin. 

Distillery 031 founder Andrew Rall explains: "D’Urban Barrel Aged Gin is the perfect bridge between gin and traditional aged spirits such as Cognac or whiskey. It is a true sipping gin and can be enjoyed neat, with soda or in your favourite cocktail. To create the ultimate G&T, I recommend combining D’Urban Barrel Aged Gin with a quality natural tonic water, a dash of bitters and an orange zest garnish.”

Distillery 031 was founded in Durban, South Africa, in 2008. The name Distillery 031 was chosen in reference to Durban’s dialing code. Its product range includes D’Urban Gin, 031 Vodka, Agua Zulu Cachaca, Ancestors Absinthe and the Heart Of range of liqueurs. 

27 November 2019 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report