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Eden Mill unveils 2019 single malt whisky

Eden Mill has unveiled its 2019 release single malt in time for St. Andrews' Day. 

Retailing at £79, the limited release of 3,000 bottles sees Eden Mill collaborate with Fife-based artist Hilke MacIntyre to create the art piece, titled ‘St Andrews’ for the presentation box.

Hilke MacIntyre, originally from Germany, has lived in Fife since 1995 and is known as a specialist in linocutting: a traditional craft derived from woodcutting.

The artwork is inspired by moments in Eden Mill’s story and features landmarks of the St Andrews and Guardbridge coastline.  

The 2019 Release Single Malt is the third single malt whisky by Eden Mill in two years, since the unveiling of the first bottling in 2017, and will see 1,500 bottles available in the UK.

Scott Ferguson, Eden Mill’s head distiller, says: "This limited release is one of the most exciting whisky offerings from Eden Mill in our five years of distilling."

Working with sherry flavours from the Oloroso cask and the sweet sugary flavour from the Pedro Ximénez casks is something that has been present throughout our previous hip flask releases and we want to exhibit our ability to work with these flavours in our 2019 single malt release.”

The 2019 release single malt has been held in a selection of Oloroso hogheads, Pedro Ximénez hogsheads, American Bourbon barrels with a cask of chocolate malt spirits and crystal malt spirit.

Eden Mill’s 2019 release single malt —70cl, 46.5% ABV — is available to order via

29 November 2019 - Sam Coyne The Drinks Report, editor