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Rum maker La Hechicera reveals first 'experiment' in special-edition range

Lauded Colombian rum maker La Hechicera has launched the first in a new series of 'experimental' releases.

Serie Experimental No. 1, The Muscat Experiment, a rum blend, went on sale in UK luxury off-trade last month including Harvey Nichols and online retailer Ocado.

The 'experiment' began 12 years ago in Barranquilla when Miguel Riascos Sr filled 16 rum barrels with his favourite wine, curious to see the effects. The barrels lay forgotten for 12 years until his son, Miguel Riascos Jr, opened them and discovered the result - a wine with notes of walnut, prunes and leather.

He emptied the barrels and filled with with a blend of rums, aged 12 to 21 years, and left the liquid to age for several months to create Serie Experimental No. 1.

Mr Riascos Jr hopes the limited-edition range will help La Hechicera to target the premium end of the rum market, which currently only accounts for around 15 per cent of sales of the spirit.

"This type of innovation is part of an ongoing effort by our master blender Giraldo Mituoka Kagana to create the best possible liquids and to highlight La Hechicera’s versatility and scope," he said.

“Behind every successful blend there are many blends that never see the light of day and, even though they are amazing in their own right, they are not replicable. What we have set out to do is very openly share those ‘experiments’ and those stories with our customers and consumers.”

In total 7,200 bottles of Serie Experiment No. 1, The Muscat Experiment will be available in the UK, US and selected European countries including France, Germany, Italy and Belgium as well as in global travel retail.

It has an ABV of 43% and a 700ml bottle retails at around £60.

16 January 2020 - Bethany Whymark