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Holland and Barrett launches CBD-infused cocktail range

Holland and Barrett is hoping to capture a new corner of the CBD market with a range of infused alcohol-free cocktails.

Kolibri CBD Cocktails feature a patented flavour cap which puts drinkers in control of their own CBD consumption, with the ability to use as much or as little of the 20mg dose as they like.

Two flavours are available - Dark Forest, a dark berry blend which balances woody notes with pine and black pepper, and Citrus Grove, a zesty blend of curacao, dried fruits and goji berry with a bitter and herbaceous finish.

The cocktails can be purchased in stores nationwide and online. 

Kamila Sitwell, beverage industry expert and founder of Kolibri Drinks, said: "Kolibri was created to excite mindful consumers – the flavour-seeking friends who are either choosing to cut back on alcohol or those who already enjoy the CBD experience but not its current formats of tinctures and pills.

"We launched our original Botanicals range in 2018 and become the UK’s most awarded drinks brand of 2019. We champion choice and control through customisation and with our latest CBD range, we’re simply building on this experience-first approach to beverage choice." 

CBD stands for the naturally-occurring cannabidiol. Unlike THC, the active component in marijuana that gets you high, CBD has no psychoactive properties and is being increasingly used in both medical and cosmetic products.

Kolibri developed the broad-spectrum high-potency CBD for its cocktails with a laboratory in Colorado, USA, to ensure the quality and efficacy meets current compliancy regulations.

Louise Broom, category manager at Holland and Barrett, said: "Having seen the success of our wider alcohol-free beverage range, and the exponential growth within the CBD space across all Holland and Barrett categories, we’re looking forward to combining the two in the form of an experiential yet highly functional cocktail range."

24 January 2020 - Bethany Whymark


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