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Iconic drink duo reimagined in Jameson Cold Brew

The elements of a classic Irish coffee are being brought together in a new product from Jameson. 

The brand, produced by Irish Distillers, unveiled Jameson Cold Brew to an American audience to coincide with National Irish Coffee Day, celebrated in the US on January 25.

Following successful trials in Australia and Ireland, Jameson hopes the product will be a hit with bartenders and whiskey drinkers across the pond.

The beverage infuses triple distilled Irish whiskey with cold brew coffee, made with Arabica beans from Colombia and Brazil, and is bottled at 30% ABV with no added sugar. Jameson says the drink's coffee aromatics complement the vanilla nuttiness of its whiskey.

Serving suggestions include neat over ice, with cola and a wedge of orange, or in a cold brew martini for a low-sugar take on the classic espresso version.

Brendan Buckley, international marketing director at Irish Distillers, said: "While coffee and Irish whiskey are no strangers in the glass, we wanted to modernise this iconic duo in a refreshing way which will appeal to curious whiskey drinkers looking for new flavours and experiences."

Jameson Cold Brew will be available in on-trade and through retailers across the US.

28 January 2020 - Bethany Whymark