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Sainsbury's signs deal with London-based hard seltzer brand

London hard seltzer brand Bodega Bay has signed a major deal with Sainsbury's just six months after launching. 

Hard seltzers are low-ABV, low-calorie, sparkling water-based drinks that are already popular in the US - sales in the country hit $1bn last year - and are gaining a stronger foothold in the UK as more drinkers look to cut down their consumption.

Bodega Bay, which makes a range of fruit-flavoured hard seltzers, has seen its sales buoyed by this trend since it launched in July 2019 - particularly among its health-conscious millennial target market.

Its 4% ABV drinks are gluten-free, vegan and available in two flavours: apple, ginger and acai berry, and elderflower, lemon and mint. Its new deal with Sainsbury's means the seltzers will be on the shelves in 72 stores, retailing at £2 per 250ml can, as well as being available to buy on Amazon.

Charlie Markland, founder of Bodega Bay, said: "Since our launch we have sold an astonishing volume of both variants and even had to bring up a production run by five months. We are absolutely thrilled to be up and running in 72 Sainsbury’s stores, and we are delighted to offer a choice for those ‘healthy hedonists’ out there."

Bodega Bay hard seltzers are also stocked at London venues including Pergola on the Roof in Olympia, The Prince in West Brompton and Boma restaurants.

6 February 2020 - Bethany Whymark