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Steklarna Hrastnik announces new space-inspired spirit bottle range

Glass producer Steklarna Hrastnik is looking to strengthen its position in the packaging market with a new collection of premium spirits bottles.

Its Hrastnik 1860 collection comprises Luna and Orion, which use natural design influences, and Jupiter Polaris, which uses modern geometric lines. The bottles were created in collaboration with packaging design agency Nude Brand Creation and were inspired by astronomy and Scandinavian minimalism.

Named after the Greek god of hunting, Orion has a simple shape with equal sides and is designed to represent masculine robustness. Suggested uses include for Bourbon, cognac, whisky or navy strength gin.

Jupitar Polaris is designed to create an "optical experience" for observers and is suggested as a suitable packaging for most spirits.

Luna was based around simple Scandinavian design principles and its designers say it would suit most spirits or non-alcoholic drinks. All three bottles are available with personalisation opportunities for customers.

The Hrastnik 1860 collection extends Steklarna Hrastnik's range of premium glass packaging, made using extra white flint glass.

20 February 2020 - Bethany Whymark