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Glenfarclas release hits shelves in bejewelled Glencairn decanters

Scotch whisky distillery Glenfarclas has announced the release of its hotly-anticipated, jewel-encrusted Pagoda Ruby Reserve.

The limited-edition release, and the distillery's oldest whisky to date, comes presented in a Glencairn decanter encrusted with rubies - the first decanters from the famous crystal studio to feature hand-mounted precious gemstones.

It is available in 70cl bottles and 1.5 litre magnums in two editions: Limited Edition Silver and Collector's Edition Gold. The decanters feature Chinese guardian lions on the sides and a red crystal pagoda-shaped stopper, while the solid silver and gold-plated collars of the two editions are individually numbered.

The Pagoda Ruby Reserve follows the critically acclaimed Pagoda Reserve Trilogy, which comprises whiskies aged 43, 48 and 59 years old, and will be joined later this year by the Pagoda Sapphire  Reserve 63 Years Old.

Scott Davidson, Glencairn's new product development director, said: "It has been an honour to create some of our finest decanters to pay homage to and celebrate the exceptional whiskies in the Glenfarclas Pagoda Reserve Series."

4 March 2020 - Bethany Whymark