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Yoshino Spirits releases world’s first ocean-fused whisky

Yoshino Spirits has announced the release of new Umiki Japanese blended whisky, which is inspired by the country’s relationship with nature and the ocean. It is the world’s first ocean-fused whisky: created from a mix of local malt and grain whiskies, it is then blended with pure, filtered ocean water.

Because of this, Umiki is also the world’s first fully sustainable water-blended whisky, which illustrates one of the brand’s key aims: a commitment to living in harmony with the environment. Moreover, Umiki is the world’s first whisky to be aged in Japanese Pine barrels, a process which honours the trees that line the Japanese coastlines.   

Umiki’s unique production process lies behind the brand’s name, with ‘umi’ meaning ‘ocean’ and ‘ki’ meaning ‘tree’ in Japanese. This close relationship with nature is further reflected in the whisky’s flavour profile, which offers gentle aromas of sea air and floral notes, soothing freshness and a touch of mint on the palate, and a long smooth finish with heather honey.

Umiki has been awarded Double Gold in both the China Wine & Spirits Awards 2020 and the World Spirits Award 2020, and is already an internationally-recognised product; it is committed to sharing and celebrating the value of nature, alongside producing a great whisky.

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1 June 2020 -