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Abasolo Mexican whisky launches in the UK

The growing thirst for Mexican spirits continues as it is announced that Abasolo, the first Mexican whisky to launch in the UK, will be available from July. Abasolo is an ultra-premium whisky, made from 100% Mexican corn and created by the acclaimed distilling experts at the Casa Lumbre distillery. Alongside this, a new corn liqueur named Nixta will also be entering the UK market for the first time, and both spirits will be distributed by specialist premium spirits importer and distributer, Mangrove UK. 

Nick Gillett, MD at Mangrove UK said: “There is a deep fascination in the UK with Mexican culture and as we prepare to bring these exciting new brands to the market, I’m sure adventurous and worldly whisky connoisseurs will welcome the chance to add this world whisky to their collection.”

Destileria y Bodega Abasolo, the first purpose-built whisky distillery in Mexico and one of the highest in the world at 7800ft, was specially built to produce Abasolo. It was there that the co-founder of Casa Lumbre and renowned master distiller, Dr Iván Saldaña, created the new drinks.  Both the whisky and liqueur are derived from corn, the backbone of Mexican culinary culture; Saldaña searched for a local heirloom corn and after trialling many options he discovered Cacahuazintle, which is locally grown and 100% GMO free. 

The spirits are made using nixtamalization, a process steeped in Mesoamerican history that has never been used before in spirit production and is applied to draw out the bold flavours of the corn. The centuries-old technique involves soaking and cooking the corn in alkaline solution before it’s washed and hulled, and the process unlocks the flavours and aromas of the ancient crops. Abasolo whisky is double distilled in handcrafted copper stills and finished in new toasted and used oak casks.

Saldaña said: “We are excited to introduce something truly new to the world whisky category; historically whisky classification has been defined by the traditional Scotch, Irish and American identities, so we are not only bringing to life a product that is extremely unique in taste and process, but we are doing so by highlighting the rich heritage and culture of Mexico.”

Abasolo promises a new taste in whisky, and is described as exquisite and smooth with tastes of roasted corn, toffee with hints of caramel and toast. It is available to purchase here.

Nixta is an ancestral corn liquor, which offers a new flavour for cocktails and presents a balance between the sweet notes of tender corn, and the toasted notes of roasted corn, vanilla and caramel. It is available to purchase here.


23 June 2020 -