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Hrastnik 1860 to discuss latest glass solutions through new webinar

Glass manufacturer Hrastnik 1860 is set to explore a different way of communicating its latest projects, glass solutions, and recent developments, with the launch of a new webinar.

It will discuss some of Hrastnik’s engineering solutions, with a particular focus on how and why attendees might want to consider optimising the weight of glass bottles. With the ability to ship products becoming increasingly important in the face of limits imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, Hrastnik has identified the importance of making this process as efficient as possible.

Moreover, the industry has seen a decline in customers’ purchase of spirits and perfumes, and in order to bridge this gap and look forwards it is imperative to find holistic solutions. The webinar will explore how Hrastnik has considered the pressures of lower prices and environmental regulations, and is utilising new production methods to make its solutions possible.

The lightweight glass technology that has emerged as a result of this guarantees a lighter bottle, while remaining as strong, stable and appealing as its heavier predecessors.

The webinar will highlight the challenges facing the glass industry today, and will explain how Hrastnik is working to mitigate these. Among the topics discussed will be the effects on consumers and the economy; environmental concerns and CO2 emissions; and the weight optimization solutions posed by Hrastnik.

There will also be a Q&A, and attendees will have the chance to win a free design for a weight optimization project.

The webinar took place on the 22nd July, at 3pm ECT. If you missed it, click here to access a video from Hrastnik which outlines the discussions from the webinar. 

15 July 2020 -