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Luxco launches new Vita Frute Vodka Sodas

Luxco has launched Vita Frute Vodka Sodas, a new addition to Luxco’s ready-to-drink portfolio, featuring unique and refreshing flavors.

Vita Frute Vodka Soda cans are crafted with American-made vodka, club soda and all-natural flavours. The result is a “deliciously, refreshing cocktail” with only 100 calories, that comes in at 5% ABV. With four flavour offerings – Lime Basil, Watermelon, Grapefruit and Pineapple Coconut – these are marketed as being suitable for drinking on their own or used as a cocktail ingredient.

According to Luxco, the hard seltzer category continues to experience strong growth, and over the past 12 months, the consumer analytics service Nielsen has seen hard seltzer sales grow more than 202%. The introduction of Vita Frute Vodka Sodas provides Luxco with the opportunity to innovate in an emerging category, and expand distribution at retail.

“Consumers have shown enthusiasm for refreshing, low calorie, convenient cocktails,” says McKenna Burst, brand manager at Luxco. “The hard seltzer category continues to experience strong growth – sales have skyrocketed and are expected to triple in growth by 2023.”

For more information about Vita Frute, visit or follow @vitafrute on Instagram.


28 July 2020 -