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Eco-friendly Calvados brand launches crowdfunding campaign

The founders of Avallen Calvados have revealed a thirst for growth after launching a crowdfunding campaign to support business expansion.

The sustainable brand, which makes its spirit from pesticide-free apple orchards in France and uses lightweight bottles, hopes to raise £175,000 - amounting to 8.05 per cent equity.

Stephanie Jordan and Tim Etherington-Judge, who founded Avallen in May 2019, aim to stay firmly on the sustainability path as they expand their business around the globe. 

As well as championing sustainability in the drinks industry, the duo donate to the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust with every bottle of Avallen sold in the UK and have pledged to plant 10,000 flowering plants in their first three years of business.

The sustainable business sector is expected to boom over the next 10 years as consumer demand for more environmentally conscious products and services grows.

Stephanie said: "From the outset when creating Avallen we wanted to 'Bee Positive' in all that we do. This ethos led us to challenge the conventional way of creating, building and marketing a drinks brand.

"Opening up our planet-positive company for equity crowdfunding is an incredible opportunity to create a collective around the brand, whilst raising funds in a savvy way and driving awareness."

Tim added: "We've set the minimum investment as low as we could - £11.90 for one share - so it's accessible to as many people as possible."

Investors can get involved on the Seedrs website at

29 July 2020 - Bethany Whymark