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US-based Founders Brewing Co. unveils first hard seltzers

American brewer Founders Brewing Co. has unveiled its first foray into the hard seltzer market.

The company's Más Agave Premium Hard Seltzer - based on its barrel-aged Más Agave beer - is brewed with organic blue agave nectar, natural cane sugar and real fruit juice and is gluten-free. At 4.5% ABV, the drink is formulated to offer craft beer fans a lighter, refreshing alternative.

Mike Stevens, co-founder and CEO of Founders Brewing Co., said: "It's always exciting to release a new beer, but it's especially exciting to head into a new frontier. The growth of the seltzer category has been nothing short of amazing and we've been interested in throwing our hat in the ring for a while now. But it had to be done right."

Founders Brewing Co. brewmaster Jeremy Kosmicki said: "I had to take the same approach that we take to brewing beers to seltzer. The flavour profile of Más Agave (the beer) lends itself well to refreshing, lighter mixes, so the idea to start there was a no-brainer."

Más Agave Premium Hard Seltzer will be available in six-packs (Lime and Strawberry), 15-packs (variety) and on draft (Lime) as of October 2020. It will initially be distributed in Arizona, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Nevada (Las Vegas only).

22 August 2020 - Bethany Whymark