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Siren Craft Brew releases nitro version of popular stout

Independent brewery Siren Craft Brew has announced a treat for fans of its signature stout as the beer gets a nitro makeover.

The Berkshire-based brewer has launched a limited-edition take on its breakfast stout, Broken Dream, utilising nitro technology, which sees the beer inserted with liquid nitrogen before it is packaged to give it a smooth, creamy texture.

Siren said the beer - dubbed Hard Pour Broken Dream - was born from experimentation with textures and flavours and the result was a "smooth sailing journey to coffee and chocolate heaven".

The 6.5% ABV nitro stout includes a higher proportion of wheat to help head retention and contains 50 per cent more espresso coffee than the original stout.

Hard Pour Broken Dream is available to buy online at the Siren webshop and in the Siren Craft Brew Tap yard, priced at £3.80 per 440ml can or £42 for a box of 12 cans.

30 August 2020 - Bethany Whymark