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Maison Martell opens first L'Atelier boutique in Shenzhen, China

Maison Martell has announced the opening of L'Atelier Martell Shenzhen in China - the first in a global collection of boutiques dedicated to cognac tasting and exploration.

The site, which was officially launched with an online opening event, is a fresh retail concept for the cognac producer and is set to be rolled out globally, allowing customers around the world to immerse themselves in the world of cognac. 

Marketed as a "must-see destination" as much as a store, the boutique takes its name from the French word for a craftsman's workshop and is designed to show off the best of Maison Martell - from the display of more than 200 montres (glass sampling bottles) to the wall of oak barrels from the Martell cooperage.

Maison Martell says it chose Shenzhen as the location for its first L'Atelier Martell store based on the city's reputation for "dynamism, modernity and cutting-edge technology". 

César Giron, chairman and CEO of Maison Martell, said: "We are proud to celebrate a new landmark in the 300-year history of our house. L'Atelier Martell is an innovative concept which reflects our vision of elevating cognac into an experience that puts the clients front and centre. With L'Atelier Martell, we are offering our clients new ways to explore, immerse and engage. We are bringing them audacious experiences through which they can discover our heritage, our savoir-faire and our cognacs as never before."

To establish firmer ties between Maison Martell and Shenzhen, there will be a collector's edition of Martell Noblige highlighting the city's skyline available at L'Atelier Martell Shenzhen. The boutique also plans to host a varied programme of events including food and fashion collaborations.

17 September 2020 - Bethany Whymark