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See Harvey Nichols' fashion-inspired own-brand wine collection

Creative agency Smith &+ Village is helping department store Harvey Nichols to build a stand-out collection of own-brand wines, with a fresh approach to marketing and design.

Smith &+ Village says it took cues from the fashion world to create the bottles, using the department store's HN monogram as a label shape and using unorthodox text to create a punchy, modern design that moves away from wine labelling stereotypes.

Harvey Nichols worked with small producers around the world to produce its wine collection, with offerings including Sauvignon Blanc, Chablis, Sancerre, Chianti, Malbec and Champagne Brut.

Richard Village, strategy director at Smith &+ Village, said: "With this project, we've moved beyond the mysticism of traditional terroir-based marketing and found a voice that works for the consumers, the winemakers and the retailers. While we approached the work with consumer desires out front, interestingly, the individual vineyards that produce Harvey Nichols' own wine have really gone with it and are thrilled with the results."

Catherine Bewick, wine industry expert and head of client services at Smith &+ Village, said: "The wine industry tends to rely heavily on the personal sell, with the consumer guided in their choice. As sales move more towards online, brands don't have that personal touch to rely on, buying decisions are made very quickly and so you need to get so much out of what is a very short interaction."

The range is part of an ongoing project by Smith &+ Village's to revamp Harvey Nichols' food and drink offering, focusing on marketing the range more like a fashion of lifestyle brand. The approach has proved successful, particularly among online shoppers.

Robert Graves, head of buying, food and beverage at Harvey Nichols, said: "Falling within the overarching sense of 'food and drink meet fashion', Smith &+ Village's strategy for our wine plays into the fearlessly stylish quality of the Harvey Nichols brand. And because of this, we could treat wine in a totally new it a new lease of life."

19 September 2020 - Bethany Whymark