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South African mead from Van Hunks coming to UK and Europe

South African drinks producer Van Hunks is launching two of its all-natural meads into the UK and European market.

The producer's Brut Sparkling Mead and Brut Rosé Sparkling Mead will be hitting shelves across Europe this month.

Van Hunks is one of few companies in the world to have successfully launched a bottle-fermented mead, positioning its products as an alternative to sugary-sweet drinks for more mature palates. 

The first two Van Hunks expressions are a white and rosé sparkling mead fermented with hibiscus. They are produced using honey from honeybees that feast on Fynbos wildflowers. Van Hunks uses a patented dry fermentation process to ferment the honey, which results in a completely dry base mead, and does not use artificial flavourings or added sugar.

Made at a distillery in the shadow of Table Mountain, the small-batch sparkling mead is inspired by the legend of keen adventurer Van Hunks, who would tour the Fynbos region, and aims to celebrate the natural splendour of Cape Town and its surroundings. 

Tom Gamborg, founder of Van Hunks and Skäl Drinks, said: "Our vision is to bring the energy, excitement and intrigue from the spirits world and use it to refresh a tired sparkling category. We have focused on the beauty of our products and brand story to change how consumers view mead, and plan to do what prosecco did to sparkling wine, with no sugar and our authentic craft credentials."

Matt Krone, master wine maker and co-founder of Van Hunks, added: "Mead is an all-natural untapped product that has huge potential for growth. The next generation of consumers is looking for healthier products containing less sugar; this means the time for mead is now."

21 September 2020 - Bethany Whymark