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New Fritz-kola bottle design from Ardagh Group

German drinks brand Fritz-kola has given packaging designers Ardagh Group the stamp of approval following a bottle redesign.

Founded by two friends in Hamburg in 2003, Fritz-kola aims to deliver high-quality drinks in a sustainable way. With this in mind the company set its sights on creating 100 per cent recycable and reusable glass packaging.  

The brand tasked glass and metal packaging manufacturer Ardagh Group, based in Luxembourg, with creating the long-necked 200ml flint bottles.

The bottles are designed to be returned and refilled up to 20 times before being recycled, and have a positive message of change embossed on the bottom: "Den wachen gehört die welt", or "The world belongs to the awake". It is embossed in reverse, so the drinker can read the message once they have finished the drink.

Mirco Wolf Wiegert, co-founder and CEO of Fritz-kola, said: "In times of climate and resource protection, reusable glass is a priority for the people behind Fritz-kola. Our new bottle will be more beautiful with every use in the next few years. Friction rings and scratches will tell the stories of every bottle that avoids disposal by being reused."

30 September 2020 - Bethany Whymark