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Brewer Siren launches Twin Flames Classic and Nitro duo

Independent brewery Siren Craft Brew has released a duo of new beers experimenting with canning techniques to create juxtaposing pours.

The Twin Flames Red IPA releases - one carbonated, one nitrogenated - follow the brewer's experimentation with nitro beer using its award-winning breakfast stout Broken Dream.

Nitrogenating a beer - adding liquid nitrogren to it - replaces some of the carbon dioxide with nitrogen gas to give a smoother, creamier texture. It also means the beer can be poured hard, as opposed to the slower pour and angling of the glass that are required for carbonated drinks.

The brewers at Siren felt that a red IPA - a style that typically combines a biscuity malt bill with tropical fruity hops - would be a goood candidate for further experimentation with nitro canning techniques.

The carbonated Twin Flames Classic uses regular brewing and canning processes and will be thinner and fizzier than the Twin Flames Nitro, and the two offer slightly different flavour profiles.

Served in 440ml cans, the beers can be purchased individually, as a pair or as part of a mixed case that comes with a purpose-made Siren Nitro glass. They can be purchased online at and in the Siren Craft Brew tap yard.

12 October 2020 - Bethany Whymark