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Laphroaig captures drinkers' first sip of its whisky in new marketing campaign

Islay single malt brand Laphroaig has launched a new campaign aiming to capture the reactions of consumers attempting to describe the flavour of its peated whiskies.

'You'll always remember your first Laphroaig' is the next stage in the distiller's Opinions Welcome advertising campaign, informed by the idea that everyone has their own reactions to its whiskies. The campaign will appear across broadcast TVC with social and digital media going live from 1 December, bringing together first-time Laphroaig drinkers.

Members of the public across a variety of age groups and backgrounds were filmed as they were handed a bottle and a glass and invited to enjoy their first sip of Laphroaig. Beginning with the consumers first trying and pronounce the name of the Scotch brand, the video continues to show their varying reactions to the liquid, from immediate dislike to a deep love and appreciation.

Nick Ganich, head of brands at Edrington-Beam Suntory, said: "The idea that Laphroaig isn't for everyone is what makes it such an iconic and inclusive brand. You may love or indeed dislike the taste, but what is certain is that drinking Laphroaig is a deeply personal exp[erience that elicits great emotion and often debate amongst our customers."

The campaign will also feature as part of Video on Demand through Sky Go, ITV and All 4 and in a variety of formats across Facebook and Instagram. It will also stretch across UK retail and e-commerce outlets featuring Laphroaig's Opinions Welcome gift packs in the lead-up to Christmas.

Watch the video here.

5 November 2020 - Bethany Whymark