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Ballatine's new campaign says 'there's no wrong way' to live - or drink whisky

Scotch whisky brand Ballatine's is encouraging drinkers to 'stay true' to themselves in a new global marketing campaign.

Launching in more than 20 markets across TV, OOH and digital platforms from November, 'Stay True: There's No Wrong Way' is Ballatine's' biggest campaign in recent years and forms part of its ambition to open up the Scotch whisky category to new consumers. The campaign encourages people to live life the way they want, unshackled from society's expectations, reflecting the spirit of self-expression demonstrated by the brand's pioneering founder George Ballatine in the 1800s.

'Stay True' features a diverse cast of real characters in place of actors across all its touchpoints, including friends of the brand and cameos from people scouted on location. The selection is designed to reflect Ballatine's motto, 'A friend to all mankind', which has been written on its bottles for more than 100 years, and includes South African dance collective IDA (Indigenous Dance Academy), Madrid-based DJ Flaca, and Spanish influencer and LGBTQ+ activist Alba Paul Ferrer.

"In a moment where it's nearly impossible to use social media without really comparing yourself to others, 'there's no wrong way' is a message I could really get behind," said Oscar Boyson, the campaign's director.

"It's rare to encounter a campaign so inherently inclusive - both in terms of casting and aesthetics - so I'm hopeful everyone sees a bit of themselves in it. Obviously performing artists have been hit hard by restrictions and lockdowns; being able to get dancers and musicians back to work and do it in a safe way was an extra-special reward on a shoot that was full of them."

Mathieu Deslandes, global marketing director for Ballatine's, said: "Our new campaign brings to life what we stand for as a brand, celebrating self-expression and championing exclusivity. In the spirit of our founder, George Ballatine, we have been bold in choosing a disruptive style of creative for the world of Scotch with 'Stay True: There's No Wrong Way' aiming to open up the category and make it inclusive for everyone, showing just as there's no wrong way to drink our Scotch whisky, there's no wrong way to live life."

19 November 2020 - Bethany Whymark