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The Spearhead Group pioneering resin labels as glass embossment alternative

The Spearhead Group has made a breakthrough in the use of resin in packaging design, following a collaboration with US whisky brand Cascade Moon.

The packaging manufacturer, which works with food, beverage and beauty brands, has released a clear dimensional resin label for Cascade Moon that replicates the look of glass embossing, but can be created in a fraction of the time.

The resin product developed by The Spearhead Group enables clients to make highly calibrated, real-time adjustments to packaging designs without the lag times and upfront costs of traditional glass embossment, as well as having the malleability of resin at their disposal.

Resin technology has previously been used for small ornamental applications, but has only recently started to be offered clear and on surfaces as large as spirit and wine bottles.

In collaboration with The Spearhead Group, Cascade Moon released a limited 200 cases of its whisky featuring the clear resin labels, each with the words 'Cascade Moon' imprinted on them.

Lana Toler, marketing and innovations manager for The Spearhead Group, who worked on the project, said: "Cascade Moon Edition No. 1 is the first bottle to use our new clear dimensional resin technology and is thought to be the largest resin label mimicking clear glass ever produced. Our application of the 'Cascade Moon' name is seamlessly affixed as one sticker with a separation between each letter, enhancing the illusion of custom-embossed glass while avoiding imperfections such as air bubbles... We see this as a real game changer."

After first being introduced to resin labels at a LuxePack show, researchers at The Spearhead Group began experimenting with the technology in 2018. Vianney Becerril, the group's senior product development manager, said: "We originally envisioned resin as an alternative to wax seal shaped labels, but after working with the first samples we realised that there were many more options.

"Our real breakthrough has been to customise the label application technology for clear resin, and to make it a viable and wholly flexible alternative to glass embossment on larger surfaces. It really has opened up a world of possibilities for our clients."

In addition to clear resin, Spearhead Group clients can choose a preferred colour, including frosted clear, translucent and solids, as well as varying dimensional heights. The technology can be used for large runs or limited editions, such as special events or licensing partnerships.

22 November 2020 - Bethany Whymark