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Don Papa unveils 'It only happened once' lifestyle campaign

Don Papa is preparing to unveil its first global lifestyle campaign depicting an escapist - and 'inexplicable' - winter in the tropics.

The Filipino rum brand's 'It only happened once' campaign features scenes of snow and ice covering its tropical island home of Negros - known locally as Sugarlandia, and as a place where 'odd but marvellous things' can occur.

Shot by acclaimed fashion and portrait photographer Yuval Hen on a set created by the Emma Winter Studio in London, the social media campaign features 13 images with models styled by creative director Ann Shore, gastronomic pieces from Udo Reichelt-Schaurer, and four new Don Papa winter cocktails created exclusively for the campaign and styled by Natalie Garforth.

The cocktails are new twists on classic serves: The Don's Midwinter Dream is an Old Fashioned with ginger bitters and grenadine; the Rumpapapumpum brings a new twist to eggnog; the Negrense Tropics gives the Daiquiri a winter make-over; and the Mulling in Sugarlandia features warming mulled wine.

Don Papa also commissioned a poem from Manila-based poet Anca Bautista for the campaign: 

It only happened once. That as much we know.
The tropical lands, in a curious twist, saw inexplicably: snow.
It silvered the reddest fire trees. It cooled the biting grass.
It cloaked in ice the great plumed birds, and turned the streams to glass.
And those who saw crept forward, enchanted at the sight
Of lush green fields now dusted in the softest, whitest white.
The finest toasts were offered, passed on in warm delight
As all there sought to hold in heart the wonder of that night.

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30 November 2020 - Bethany Whymark