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Guala Closures Group launches eco-friendly Blossom range

European packaging manufacturer Guala Closures Group has launched a range of sustainable closures under the new brand name Blossom.

The state-of-the-art, dedicated closures for wine, spirits, water, other beverages and olive oil are in line with the group's sustainabilty commitments and its pledge to use 35 per cent recycled material worldwide by 2025.

The range name, Blossom, was chosen for its evocation of nature, lightness and low environmental impact with a graphic customisation of the 'B' to represent a butterfly.

Each new closure follows one of the four 'design-to' models defined in the group's eco-design guidelines: to revive, to change, to reduce and to fade. Guala said the closures use different materials and will undergo a continuous development process to ensure they continue to meet market needs. 

Commenting on the launch of the Blossom range, Guala Closures Group research and development director, Fulvio Basano, said: "We are continuously searching for new sustainable materials and experimenting to find new solutions. It is pleasing to have successfully created a new family of closures which meets our four eco-design models.

"All our R&D centres are committed to the eco-design principles of sustainable solutions for all markets and customers, as well as supporting corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments."

8 December 2020 - Bethany Whymark