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Dima's becomes first multi-grain Ukrainian vodka to hit UK market

The first multi-grain Ukrainian vodka to be introduced to the UK market is hoping to educate vodka drinkers about the spirit's 'sipping' culture.

Dima's Ukrainian vodka is distilled using a mix of three grains - rye, wheat and barley. The country is renowned in Europe for its grain production, supported by its fertile 'chernozem soil'.

Designed as a sipping vodka, Dima's aims to educate UK consumers about the sipping culture of vodka in Ukraine and encourage them to approach vodka drinking in a different way, while also raising the country's profile as a vodka-producing nation.

Dima Deinega, founder of Dima's, said: "It's a hotly debated subject as to which country first invented vodka. I was born in Ukraine and my family owned the country's first Irish pub, so I learned from an early age that vodka is an intrinsic part of Ukraine's food and drink culture, and steeped with so many unique traditions which continue to unite the nation today. 

"I'm very excited to be sharing a superior Ukrainian vodka with the UK market and celebrate the country's fascinating culture."

The patented Dima's recipe was created in a 125-year-old distillery in Zhytomyr, on the outskirts of Kiev, following 38 trials by experienced Ukrainian distillers. In homage to its heritage the Dima's logo features a contemporary adaptation of Ukraine's national coat of arms, with blue and gold colouring to reflect the country's flag.

10 December 2020 - Bethany Whymark