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Glenmorangie seeking out the 'wonderful' in colourful brand campaign

Scotch whisky maker Glenmorangie is embracing a wondrous world of colour in a new brand campaign shot by celebrated photographer Miles Aldridge.

Designed to welcome more people to enjoy a dram of Glenmorangie's Highland single malt, the campaign puts a 'wonderful' spin on six everyday experiences using a cinematic video style and vibrant colour palette - including the bold orange hue long associated with the brand.

Using the tagline, "It's kind of delicious and wonderful!", the campaign has been created in partnership with Aldridge and DDB Paris. It goes live in the UK via social media and high-profile out-of-home locations in London from 14 December.  

Louise Dennett, global head of brand at Glenmorangie, said: "We make whisky because we want people to enjoy it. There are many technicalities as to how we make it taste so good. But ultimately, what matters if that our single malt is delicious, and we think there's a simple joy in that.

"Through our collaboration with Miles Aldridge and DDB Paris we have created a visual feast of a campaign. We hope it will welcome more people into our delicious and wonderful world."

Aldridge explained that the campaign has been peppered with little extras for viewers to find, including anagrams of Glenmorangie and its recognisable giraffe eblem. "The idea was that these would appear in each of the visuals like little games, almost cameo performances," he said.

Dennett added: "Miles has been a wonderful partner in building our campaign. When you look closely at each scene, there is an extraordinary richness to the storytelling."

Alexander Kalchev, chief creative officer at DDB Paris, said: "We set out to reimagine everyday experiences - a camping trip or a train journey - all made more wonderful to reflect Glenmorangie's perspective. Inspired by the brand's signature orange colour, we decided to use colour as a metaphor to open up the whisky's world. As a master of colour, Miles Aldridge was the obvious talent to bring our vision to life."

11 December 2020 - Bethany Whymark