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Maple syrup maker Runamok launches cocktail ingredients range

US speciality maple syrup brand Runamok Maple has moved into the cocktail space with a range of new syrups and bitters.

The line of cocktail mixers will feature four syrups - Maple Old Fashioned, Maple Tonic, Smoked Old Fashioned and Maple Ginger Mule - and three bitters - Floral Maple, Aromatic Maple and Orange Maple.

The Vermont-based brand aims to bring some ease into the process of making cocktails at home, and provide a more tailored - and tasty - alternative to plain homemade sugar syrup.

Laura Sorkin, founder of Runamok Maple, said: "We have been creating cocktails using our infused and smokeed maple syrups since we started production. Through our experimentation over the years, we have come to realise that our maple-based creations are, to this day, some of our favourite cocktails.

"With the launch of our new cocktail syrups and bitters, we want our customers to experience those same flavours that we have been sharing with our family and friends."

The Maple Old Fashioneed and Smoked Old Fashioned syrups, made using an infusion of herbs and spices and some of Runamok's own bitters, make a good match for whiskey or Bourbon; the Maple Tonic combines maple syrup with quinine extract, lemon and lime to add a fresh edge to a gin and tonic; and the Maple Ginger Mule is infused with fresh ginger and lime. On the back of each cocktail syrup bottle, customers will find a suggested cocktail recipe to use the syrup in.

The new cocktail syrups and bitters are available at

19 January 2021 -