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Fresh look for non-alcoholic spirit brand Zeo

Non-alcoholic spirit brand ZEO is sporting a new look after an identity refresh by London design agency Knockout.

The brand's first two variants, Botanical Dry and Spiced Oak, launched in the UK market in November 2020.

In designing the new brand identity, Knockout has attempted to portray ZEO's contemporary craft ethos with a balance between complexity and minimalism. The new label features an intricate illustration of a chameleon, with depictions of some of the products' botanicals hidden in the linework, and uses a bespoke typography for a simple and bold wordmark.

"ZEO isn’t for teetotallers. It’s for sociable urbanites who love to drink, but sometimes feel a bit of alcohol fatigue," said Dominic Burke, founder of Knockout. "When this happens, they either want to fly under the radar or enjoy something truly special. The duality of this blend-in/stand-out desire was the insight that set the course for the creative and inspired the genesis of the brand’s symbol: a chameleon.

"As a player in a growing industry, ZEO needed compelling creativity to show that it was more than just flavoured water. The illustration of the chameleon is as delicately complex and versatile as the liquid within. Not only is it beautifully drawn, but as a metaphoric symbol, it emphasises ZEO’s adaptive and transformative powers as a brand ready to evolve and elevate the category."

18 February 2021 - Bethany Whymark