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Finlandia launches ‘I Am Finlandia’ campaign

Finlandia is aiming to attract more vodka drinkers to its products with a new brand campaign.

The global I Am Finlandia campaign is designed to ‘reintroduce the world’ to Finlandia and convey the essence of the brand to vodka drinkers in what has become a busy market.

Created in partnership with DDB Unlimited, the campaign draws attention to the heritage behind the brand, which uses naturally filtered water and Finnish grain in its spirits.

The campaign is shot from first person in a bid to create a more intimate connection with the viewer, against a backdrop of dramatic Finnish landscapes.

Jessica Rives, Finlandia Vodka associate brand manager, said: "Today, most of us live in a world where so much of what we experience is noise and chaos. Finlandia is an invitation from a place beyond the noise.

"Finland is a purer place, where one can distance him or herself from the artificial and the unnecessary, discover a vodka made of pure natural ingredients, and savour what’s essential."

17 March 2021 - Bethany Whymark