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International Drinks Specialists consultancy launches

A new drinks industry consultancy encompassing worldwide and category-wide expertise has launched.

International Drinks Specialists (IDS) is a global collective of drinks industry professionals including judges, writers, buyers and production specialists. Its members offer sensory and technical feedback to drinks producers with the goal of readying them to enter industry competitions.

The company offers support in fields from drinks development to product design and aims to ‘match’ producers and brands with the specialists best suited to meet their needs.

It was born from the desire of a handful of drinks judges to give distillers, brewers and brand owners advice on when to enter drinks competitions, and which to enter.

Arthur Nägele senior specialist and founding member of International Drinks Specialists, said: "With the accumulated experience, insight and data of its members, the International Drinks Specialists is fast becoming an authority on product evaluation and feedback and an important source to consult about competition and awards entry strategy worldwide."

Fellow founder Tobias Gorn describes the IDS as a coaching service. He said "It’s a little like helping top athletes to get that extra two to three per cent performance in, to make sure they are closer to the trophy they aim to win. We are just humble advisers; the drinks makers are doing the real work, we simply use our experience to assist and advise them."

18 March 2021 - Bethany Whymark