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New mixer brand launches focused on Tequila pairings

A new UK mixer brand focused on creating premium mixers for Tequila is crowdfunding to realise its goals.

Savora Drinks, based in Edinburgh, says it is dedicated to ‘promoting Tequila as a premium long serve, much like a gin and tonic’.

Its first product is a Zesty Lime & Sweet Agave sparkling drink, which is designed to pair with the natural flavours of Tequila as an agave-based spirit.

Co-founder of Savora Drinks, Matthew Walker, says that sustainability will be a core value of the brand. He cited the success of BrewDog – which became the world’s first carbon-negative brewer last year – in fighting climate change and using its platform to promote sustainable business practices. 

"We believe that conducting business in a socially responsible manner is an essential trait of all 21st-century businesses. Brewdog have been successful in implementing this… However, we believe that the wider drinks industry is lagging behind and we want to join companies such as Brewdog in progressing sustainable innovation within the drinks industry," said Walker.

"We're seeing a real change in Tequila consumption habits with the rapid growth in popularity of 100 per cent agave Tequila. This high-quality Tequila is a stark contrast to the cheap Tequila which previously dominated the UK market."

After hitting its original funding target in 24 hours, Savora Drinks is now offering donors the chance to try its products before they go on sale to the wider public in April.

Walker said: "We've really enjoyed our journey so far, sharing our story and giving people the chance to try our product before anyone else. As the hospitality sector re-opens over the coming months we're really looking forward to sharing the Savora story with the wider community."

To find out more about Savora Drinks and its Crowdfunder campaign (open until 2 April) go to

21 March 2021 - Bethany Whymark