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Luxardo Amaretto reveals new-look bottle

Luxardo has given a revamp to one of its most popular liqueurs as its celebrates its 200th anniversary.

The Luxardo Amaretto is now sporting a new label, designed to increase its vibrancy and shelf standout, while retaining its slim, angular bottle. In-keeping with a growing trend towards lower-ABV drinks, Luxardo has also reduced the potency of its Amaretto from 28% to 24% ABV.

Despite the lowered ABV, Luxardo says the liqueur retains its depth of flavour, derived from essential oils from Marasca cherries, peaches and apricots. Luxardo also emphasised the mixability of this classic Italian liqueur, from serving it neat over ice or in an Amaretto Sour to adding it to coffee and desserts.

To coincide with the launch of the new bottles, Luxardo global brand ambassador and cocktail expert Gareth 'G' Franklin is set to reveal a new Amaretto serve. It will form part of an original cocktail menu using the Luxardo range which is  being created for the family-owned brand's 200th anniversary.

Franklin said: "Amaretto is very versatile for long drinks with a popular mixer, and it also combines well with spirits such as whisky and rum, and we have seen many innovative serves by bartenders. Classics such as an Amaretto Sour are a staple on cocktail lists.

"The depth of natural almond flavour should always shine through, but never been too much in the foreground. Luxardo Amaretto has the balance to completely harmonise with other ingredients, and its taste profile is delicately lifted by fresh citrus."

The new-look Luxardo Amaretto bottles will be available from spring 2021 via Cellar Trends.

9 April 2021 - Bethany Whymark