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O-I unveils new collection of premium spirits bottles

Glass maker O-I has launched a collection of premium glass spirits bottles aimed at European consumers.

The Contemporary Collection's first three bottle shapes - the Lux, Attenua and Noble - are inspired by popular spirits bottle shapes from around the world. Each design comes in both a thick base and a more eco-friendly lightweight version (up to 20 per cent lighter than its thick base counterpart) and with a choice of cork mouth or screw cap finishes.

The whole range is made with regular flint, which has a higher proportion of recycled content than the extra or cosmetic flint glass commonly used for premium spirits. 

The bottles have been designed with similar diameters for fillers to change between bottles with a minimum of change parts and are also optimised for high-speed filling lines. Both the lightweight and thick base versions come with a push-up bottom - shown to be a preference particularly among UK premium spirits consumers - and a slightly depressed label panel for protection during transit.

The range was launched at the Rethinking Spirits Packaging - Sustainable Premium webinar on 11 May, hosted by O-I and Packaging Innovations. O-I already has plans to expand the range to include further designs, size options from 50ml to 1 litre and a variety of colour options.

Melianthe Leeman, global marketing director for wine and spirits at O-I, said: We asked European customers what they needed from a spirits range. Their ideal glass bottle was premium, customisable, sustainable, available quickly for launches and at scale as their brands grow. Our Contemporary Collection meets those priorities."

Steve Holden, O-I Glass UK sales director, said: "There are good reasons why 99 per cent of spirits are packaged in glass. It's the only material that reflects the authenticity, purity and craftsmanship of the liquid and delivers a memorable, sensual experience even before the first sip is taken."

The launch of the Contemporary Collection comes as O-I also announced the release of a product for the on-trade: the Drinktainer.

This glass bottle is designed to mimic the experience of drinking on-premise in an off-premise setting. It is being targeted at on-trade businesses to sell drinks such as draft beer and cocktails - which often have a specific on-premise drinking experience attached to them - for off-premise consumption. 

The single-serve vessel is sealable and has a wider opening than standard glass beverage bottles, which O-I says allows a deeper aroma and flavour to be conveyed during consumption - much like drinking out of a glass.

11 May 2021 - Bethany Whymark