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Australian alcohol-free brand Ovant comes to UK

A new Australian distillations company has launched a range of alcohol-free spirits combining the art of winemaking with the science of distilling.

The Ovant range is inspired by the vineyards and landscapes of Margaret River, Western Australia, where the company is based.

Created by Ovant co-founder Tom Streitberg and sommelier Christopher Bothwell, the spirits were designed with the goal of elevating the non-alcoholic drinking experience. 

They joined forces with Margaret River resident and winemaker Elizabeth Reed to help them develop the Ovant range and hone the spirits' flavour profiles.

The range launches with three releases: Grace, which has a taste profile with floral, citrus and spice notes and is designed to pair well with tonic; Verve, which is designed to mimic an aperitif with a herbal and spicy flavour profile; and Royal, which takes inspiration from dark spirits with a blend of sweet and smoky botanicals.

Bothwell said: "With Ovant we have no predetermined parameters. We have full autonomy to create exactly what we want. It's an amalgam of emotion, intuition and experience. It enlivens your taste, invigorates your spirit and encourages you to connect with people and create new memories."

Streitberg added: "Every distillation we make is inspired by the truly amazing place we come from: the contrast and the harmony, the grandeur and the intimacy. We want to capture that magic in every bottle of Ovant we make."

Ovant Grace, Verve and Royal are available to purchase at priced £26.95.

18 May 2021 - Bethany Whymark